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About Us

Baked goods in Honolulu

We are the Kamehameha Bakery! Founded in 1978, we've become famous for providing Honolulu with the best some of the best donuts known to man! While it's amazing to us that something so simple can be so good, there's no denying that baked goods are one of life's great pleasures. Everyone eats them, everyone loves them, and everybody really loves the guy who brings them into the office like clockwork every Wednesday morning. Not all baked goods, however, are created equal, and we think that with just one trip to Kamehameha Bakery, you'll see the difference between a good donut, and a great donut. Our local flavors, wide selection, and nearly forty years in the donut business have given us a formidably delicious product. Come give it a try today.
Fashioned buttermilk cake donut offered at Kamehameha Bakery in Honolulu

Local flavors

In true Hawaiian tradition, we love the flavors of the coconut and the taro plant. Enter the haupia malasada and the poi glaze donut! The first, a decadently soft, fluffy ball of fried dough awash in the essence of coconut. The second, a glistening donut - perfectly formed - coated in poi glaze. Both tempt you, but you can choose only one. With all this on the line, only one thing is for certain. You'll be back tomorrow. 

Quality ingredients

You don't make a great donut with mediocre ingredients. It's that simple. At Kamehameha Bakery, we use only the finest ingredients to ensure that our donuts are as good as they possibly can be, every single time. So the next time you're on your way to work, and you're thinking about stopping in for a donut, you can count on that donut to be every bit as good as the one you had the last time you stopped in. 

The perfect donut

When you've been in the donut business since 1978, you get pretty good at making donuts. At Kamehameha Bakery, you can taste what almost forty years of donut experience tastes like. Spoiler alert: really, really good. So the next time you're hankering for any form of baked good, something local like the poi glaze, or something traditional like a banana fritter, come on down to Kamehameha Bakery for the best and freshest donuts in Honolulu!
Remember: show up early or they might be all gone!
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